World Pulses Day celebrations in New Delhi organized by NAFED in association with GPC


“It is fitting that we will be celebrating World Pulses Day 2020 in India. I say that not only because India is the world’s top producer, importer and consumer of pulses, but also because this year’s theme is plant protein for a sustainable future. As India tackles the challenge of nourishing a growing population, the people here know, perhaps better than anyone, that pulses are vital to the sustainable food systems of tomorrow,” said GPC President Cindy Brown.

As part of the 2020 UN World Pulses Day (WPD) celebration, the Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) and the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) will host a celebratory WPD event in New Dehli. Space is limited and we therefore encourage those interested in attending this important event to contact Gulden Kucukcan via email at by 17:00 GMT on December 22nd.

The WPD event will feature a curtain raiser on the evening of February 9th at the Taj Man Singh Hotel. On February 10th, our official World Pulses Day program will continue with a full day of high-level VIP speakers. We expect the program to feature high level dignitaries from:
– National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India – NAFED
– India Ministry of Agriculture
– India Ministry of Food & Consumer Affairs
– India Minister for Health
– India Ministry of Commerce
– Global Pulse Confederation

The topics likely to be featured on February 10th are:
– Improving production and consumption of pulses
– The role of pulses in sustainable and healthy food systems
– Processing and value-added opportunities
– Working to build transparent and predictable trade flows

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