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What is World Pulses Day?

World Pulses Day is a designated United Nations global event to recognize theimportance of pulses (chickpeas, dry beans, lentils, dry peas and lupins, among others) as a global food. It has been proclaimed on February 10 of each year since 2019 by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 20, 2018.

Anybody can host a World Pulses Day event anywhere in the world.

Any event can qualify as a World Pulses Day event–from a family meal to a corporate party to a national association seminar on pulses. For some inspiration, you can check our our ‘Stories’ section.

Yes, it will. Just make sure you register your event on our EVENTS section.

There are just three requirements:

  1. Feature pulses on the menu or on the program of your event.
  2. Make references to World Pulses Day using the hashtags #WorldPulsesDay and #LovePulses
  3. Register your event on the EVENTS section.
Official hashtags: #WorldPulsesDay & #LovePulses Handle: @LovePulses

Make sure you contact us to promote your event and don’t hesitate to ask for our guidance.
You can email us at worldpulsesday@globalpulses.com

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